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What's different about the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp ?2022 Update

What's different about the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp?

Today, many people use WhatsApp, including many friends around them, mostly to share videos, photos, audio, and more. But WhatsApp has fewer functions and cannot meet more needs. If you want to get more functions, Click here to download Fouad WhatsApp APK and install it on your device.

Fouad WhatsApp APK is a modified version of the official WhatsApp app. Although people are interested in using the official WhatsApp mod, they often don't know how to install Fouad WhatsApp or use Fouad WhatsApp, and this article will explain how to install and use it.

Fouad WhatsApp Download Official Website

New features in the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp:

Anti-deletion message: When someone sends a message to you, it can prevent him from withdrawing it again
Multiple themes/DIY themes
animated stickers
Support for video calls with more people (up to 8 people video calls)
Freeze the last you saw
Hide blue tick
You can change tick style and bubble style
Different new emoji
You can make a custom list of who can call me
You can use more than 250 texts on Fouad WhatsApp
Only Fouad WhatsApp apk can send more than 10 pictures
Custom Privacy for Groups and Chats
Over 1000 chats can now be pinned
Send video up to 80MB

How to fix the live location error in the latest version of Fouad Whatsapp?

Fouad Whatsapp location error may be due to the following two reasons:

1. Check your live location permission
Fouad Whatsapp needs permission to access your current location. Location permission is active by default in WhatsApp, but since we are using a modified version, both should activate the option to get each other's exact location.

Just go to your smartphone Settings -> Apps & Notifications > Advanced > App Permissions > Location > Open Fouad WhatsApp.

2. Clear cache and data
Sometimes clearing old cache and data for specific apps like Play Service, Maps, and Fouad Whatsapp may resolve live location errors.

Just go to your phone settings -> apps -> Google Play services -> storage -> clear cache and clear data.

Then repeat the same process with Maps and Fouad Whatsapp.

How to enable Do Not Disturb Mode in Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp Do Not Disturb Mode is also known as Airplane Mode. It is the Do Not Disturb mode that comes with the app. It will not affect other applications on the phone to receive messages. This feature can make your status on Fouad WhatsApp display offline without being affected by any interference. At the same time you use this application, your official account will not be banned because it has an anti-ban function.

So how to enable DND mode in Fouad WhatsApp?

First, open the Fouad WhatsApp app.
On the top bar, you will see a WiFi icon; click on this
You will see a prompt "You will not be able to send/receive messages when Airplane Mode is on" click "Activate."
Fouad WhatsApp will restart with Do Not Disturb mode enabled.
Disable Do Not Disturb Mode in Fouad WhatsApp

User questions:

1. Will I receive calls in DND mode?
No, you will not receive any calls or messages in Do Not Disturb mode.

2. Can I use other apps in DND mode?
With DND turned on, you can use any other application as you like.

3. What happens to the messages I receive in DND mode?
You will get these messages when you turn off DND mode. To others, you appear to be offline.

Why Should I Download Fouad WhatsApp?(Latest Apk)

One of the chat programs you can try to replace WhatsApp is Fouad Whatsapp. exactly the same, but Fouad WhatsApp is more interesting because it has excellent specifications

Download Fouad  WhatsApp

The Fouad WhatsApp application is considered to have many advantages over the official or original WhatsApp program. The difference lies in its increasingly old features. Until you can't find it on regular WhatsApp.

Download Fouad mod WhatsApp


Application Model: WhatsApp MOD

With now: Fouad WhatsApp V 9.35

Last updated: one day ago

Size: 52.2 MB

Important Android Versions: 5.5 and up

Installation Tips

- Please download WhatsApp Fouad first.

- Then check the unknown source or unknown source application option.

- Open the file manager side on the downloaded FouadWhatsApp APK phone.

- Click Install.

- If 100% successful, open the program.

- The next step is to sign in with your existing WhatsApp account.

- The process has been completed.

How to use Whatsapp Fouad

Since there are very attractive features on WhatsApp Fouad, you are free to do anything that cannot be done in the usual WhatsApp application, especially from a special point of view. You can use a variety of techniques. The method is also very simple.

Exclusive features of Fouad WhatsApp and how to do them.

1. Hide typing status

When you want to avoid chatting with someone, you can activate this feature in the form of status input. For the following steps.

- Click on the side of the 3 dot icon in the upper right corner.

- After that decide on the menu side fouad mod.

- If it is already on the WhatsApp Fouad settings page, specify Privacy and Security.

- Scroll until you find the chat side.

- Then select the Contacts menu.

- The last step is to hide the list in the Input options section.

- Then press the OK button

2. Eliminate list II

- Please go to the privacy and security side of the menu.

- Then decide to hide the second tick or hide bluetick.

- If you choose to hide the second tick, the sender will still see the blue tick notification after you read the message. However, the recipient has not yet read the sent message. Therefore, the notification from the sender remains a list.

3. How to read deleted chat logs

- Please enter in the menu Privacy and Security.

- Click on the toggle.

- After that specify the anti-deleted message.

- You can then read the messages or chats that have been deleted by the sender. Although this feature is not available in chats that were deleted before you turned on this anti-deletion feature.

4. To turn off the Internet Network (DND)

- Click the model airplane symbol at the top of the page.

- It will then automatically appear as a verification discussion.

- Then press the OK button.

- If you have, then Fouad WhatsApp is offline.

- You can use the Internet network for a variety of things. Just like watching a stream or doing a search in other applications.

5. Change topic

- Mark the three-dot mark in the upper right corner.

- Then decide on the fouad mod.

- Go to the side of the Fouad settings page.

- Then specify the FM topic menu. In the next session, it is recommended that you choose to download the FM theme.

- Then specify the Fouad WhatsApp theme according to your needs.

- Once you have found the object you like, click the Install button on the side of .

- The final step is simply to click OK.

Not surprisingly, this FouadWhatsapp is more sought after by many millennials. But unfortunately, this app is not yet ready in the Google Play Store. Even so, you don't have to worry because you can jump to the official website to download it via the 

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Fouad WhatsApp apk Latest Version Message

Fouad mods WhatsApp for Android

FouadWhatsApp. in - Fouad WhatsApp apk is one of the WA
MOD apps that part of the internet is searching because this apk WA MOD provides more advantages like cooler and more attractive look. As well as the addition of cool features, which will increase discomfort while using it.

Fouad WhatsApp mods

Also, although Fouad WA is a third-party modified app, its security system can be trusted. In fact, some people have claimed that Fouad Mods are very safe to use. So, you don't have to hesitate or be afraid when trying this new mod.

You can do everything you can on Fouad mod without worrying about digital bans. This is because the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp has updated security system.

Therefore, if you want to get more complicated security, you can download the Fouad Wa Latest Version file immediately through the download link provided in this article. We will also provide all free downloadable versions of the Fouad WhatsApp app.

However, although fouad WA provides a more sophisticated security system, Apks developed by third parties definitely have risks of use. So, for those who want to test this latest WA Mod app, you also have to take every possible risk of being accepted.

Walk into Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp MOD Apk is the result of third parties modifying their official app. It is more profitable to use the warp version. Because users can perform and enjoy all the functions of WA official version that they do not own.

WA MOD series Fouad WhatsApp also includes an apk WA MOD which is often downloaded and used by netizens. Because the Fouad Mods app has a lot of fun in the official WA. Such as the availability of features, presentation of themes and other interesting things.

One of the benefits of Fouad WA Apk is that users can send files of different sizes at the same time. But if you use official files, you can only transfer files with limited size. In fact, the documents you send us will not be degraded in quality.

If you use the WA MOD, you can also easily change the theme view. The new WA app also has another one that offers two themes to choose from: Dark and Light.

Although Fouad WA Apk gives a choice of advanced features, its main features are still the same as the original WA app. There you can carry out the usual communication activities. Such as chatting, calling, video calling, etc.

For those who are starting to be interested and want to know more and know all about Fuadwaak. Then you'd better take a closer look at the content of the reviews we provide this time.

Update Fouad WA Apk latest version

In order for you to keep using the Fouad WA Apk file, you must follow the updated version provided. The update method about Fouad WA Apk latest version is very simple, please pay attention to the following guidelines:

  • First, run the Fouad WhatsApp app you have.
  • If you find it in Fouad WA's main menu, you'll search for and click on the icon that's usually on the top third row.
  • Then click on the Fouad settings menu.
  • Then you will go to the update options.
  • Please double check this option and if the latest version is available you can click the link directly.

Good luck.

The main reason why you have to keep an eye on version updates is that the Fouad WA Apk app is always accessible/login. Furthermore, you will not be subject to any risks such as the use of prohibited numbers.